October Mission Pins Challenge


Are You Up For The Mission Pins Challenge?

Have you participated in our agency-wide mission pins program? Have you been mindfully aware of how your co-workers are going above and beyond in their daily work to live out the three parts of our organizational mission: Exploring Possibilities, Mobilizing Resources, and Empowering Dreams?

Exploring Possibilities: Finding creative solutions to challenges and obstacles that keep us from helping those we support and from achieving meaningful lives.

Mobilizing Resources: Pursuing opportunities, tools, people, anything that will help advocate and organize resources towards achieving goals and dreams or collaborating with others to achieve goals.

Empowering Dreams: Making the dreams and goals of those we support and our teammates become a reality.

KenCrest has a goal to DOUBLE the average monthly Mission Pin awards from 10 to 20. Help us reach our October goal of 20 Mission Pins awarded to deserving team players. Fill out the form and send it to sierra.force@kencrest.org. Find the form here.