Join KenCrest in The Kids-N-Hope’s Rhapsody and Rhythm Virtual 5K

Many of you are likely familiar with the Kids-N-Hope Foundation ( whose mission is to enhance children’s health and life through music therapy.  KenCrest’s Early Learning Centers have been a grateful recipient of Kids-N-Hope’s grant support. And the kids LOVE the music programming!

To show our appreciation, we’d like your participation in Kids-N-Hope’s Rhapsody and Rhythm Virtual 5K.  In addition to helping raise money for this worthy cause (…which comes back to KenCrest in grant support!), it would be a terrific way to kick-start your spring Step-Challenge; it could also be a wonderful opportunity to go to the park, the zoo, or just walk around the neighborhood.

Please consider joining our KenCrest Team. There’s 2 ways to participate: You can donate directly through the KenCrest team’s link: Or you can join the team and create your own fundraising page to share with friends and family. Just follow these step-by-step (pun intended) instructions:

  1. Please visit:
  2. Click on Join This Team.
  3. Fill out the 1st page with your information.


In the section where it asks “Would you like to join or create a Team?” please check Yes and select KenCrest (MT Pena) from the drop-down menu (refer to screenshot above). Continue filling out the rest of the page and click Next.

4. Click on Create Account (in pink) on the 2nd page (screenshot below). It will prompt you to create your own fundraising page. This really doesn’t matter. You won’t be using it to participate, but you need an account in order to join the KenCrest (MT Pena) team.


5.  Continue filling out the information on page 2. Please enter the amount you think you can raise and/or donate as your personal goal. Just make sure that where it asks “Would you like to join or create a Team?” you click on Yes and select KenCrest (MT Pena) from the drop-down menu. Click Next.

6.  You will see a summary of your participant info on the 3rd page. Click on Go to Checkout.


6. You will be taken to your cart. If you wish to make a donation, you can enter your payment info. * If you don’t want to make a donation at this point, just unclick the “I’d like to donate” box* It is not necessary to make a personal donation to proceed to the next page* Click Submit.



7. You have been successfully registered and will be taken to your personal fundraising page. If you want to access the KenCrest Team’s page, you can scroll down and will be able to see it under My Team.



We appreciate your participation. Have fun walking!

Please share this email with others you think would be inclined to participate.

…AND please reach out to MT Peña with any questions (