Cyber Security Training



Mandatory Training

The IT department at KenCrest has put us to the test by sending phishing simulations and monitoring if we were able to detect fake, malicious emails and links. The results across our agency have improved over the years, but it is still not at an acceptable level.

Depending on your level of detecting these unsafe emails and responding accordingly, dictates whether you will receive an email from which provides a link to access the training, along with a test on the subject material.

If this training is not completed within 15 work days, your access to organizational resources will be disabled (you will not be able to log on) until it’s completed. In addition, the IT department will notify HR and HR will be in contact with your Supervisor.

By completing this Mandatory Training it will help ensure that you will continue to learn how to adapt, recognize, and be one-step ahead of bad actors who are trying to take advantage of our organization and the critical health information that we must safeguard together.