Take a Look at Our Agency Wide Crushing Covid Raffle Winners



Congratulations to all our winners, check back every other week for the announcement of the latest raffle winners. It’s never too late to enter, be sure to read all the requirements here.

September 7th Raffle Winners

  • Alan Saionz, Employment Consultant in Pennsylvania
  • Kim Moore, Secretary in Delaware Office
  • Kaylan Powell, Direct Support Professional at Foxhill in Connecticut

August 24th Raffle Winners

  • Dezra Adams, Speech/Language Pathologist in Pennsylvania (works at Birth-to-Three)
  • Monique Coles, Resident Advisor in Pennsylvania (works in Region 2 Philadelphia/Bucks)
  • Harriet Abu Gyamfi, Personal Outcome Champion in Delaware

August 10th Raffle Winners

  • Austin Sampson, Lead Direct Support Professional in Pennsylvania (works at 9705 Northeast Ave Community Living Home)
  • Karen Grandison, HR Manager in Delaware
  • Katrina Bishop, Direct Support Professional in Connecticut (works at 314 Savoy  Community Living Home)

July 27th Raffle Winners

  • Joseph Sanders, Resident Advisor in Pennsylvania (works at N. Lewis Road Community Living Home)
  • Blair Granby, Resident Advisor in Delaware (works at Thompson Farms Community Living Home)
  • Keysha Torress, Direct Support Professional in Connecticut (works at Juniper Drive Community Living Home)

July 13th Raffle Winners

  • Ahmed Hashaba, DSP in Pennsylvania (works at Ramsey Road Community Living Home in Philadelphia)
  • Nashyma Gantt, DSP in Pennsylvania
  • (works at Upsal Community Living Home in Philadelphia)
  • Denise Brooks, Program Manager in Delaware

June 29th Raffle Winners

  • Ashley Harris, Lead DSP in Pennsylvania (works at Williams Way Community Living Home)
  • UPDATED 7/13/21 * John Momoh, DSP in Delaware (works at Suffolk Blvd Community Living Home)
  • Sandy Mejia, HR Manager in Connecticut

* The original winner no longer works for KenCrest and HR had not been updated

June 15th Raffle Winners

  • Keita Fatoumata, Resident Advisor  in Pennsylvania (works at Johnson Road  Community Living Home)
  • Elana Vernacchio, Assistant Coordinator (works at Lifesharing Office)
  • Scott Major, Nurse-RN  in Pennsylvania  (works at Mt Kirk Community Medical  Home)

June 1st Raffle Winners

  • Sara Young, DSP in Pennsylvania (works at Farmington Community Medical Home)
  • Dawn Wilson, DSP in Delaware (works at Barrett Lane Community Living Home)
  • Catherine Tucker, DSP in Connecticut (works at Overland Drive Community Living Home)

Note about June 1st raffle picks: Someone else from PA was pulled initially as a winner, but after review, it was discovered that they had NOT completed both of their Relias COVID training. less than 30 minutes of time commitment for training not completed resulted in someone losing $1,000. Please make sure you meet ALL the requirements, or you might miss out on your chance to win!!

All winners were contacted directly prior to this announcement and will receive their $1000 as a direct deposit in their upcoming paycheck, for questions email kencrest.communications@kencrest.org.