Agency-Wide Crushing COVID Raffle

Crush Covid Raffle flyer detailing dates, guidelines, and more.

(click the flyer to see a bigger version)

Here’s your chance to win some cash! Every other week from June 1st through August 24th, three people will win $1,000 for being fully vaccinated and having completed their COVID training on Relias. Half of the winners will be selected from the group of already vaccinated people in each state (those who have previously submitted their vaccination forms), and the other half of the winners will be selected from those newly vaccinated in the last 30 days before each drawing.

Here’s how you enter to win:

  1. Get Vaccinated!
  2. Submit your vaccination form to ,
  3. Complete your COVID training

That’s it!

If you have previously been vaccinated, submitted your form, and completed your training you have been automatically entered into the raffle. All of these things must be complete for entry, so double check on Relias that you have completed your training!

Questions? Email

Find a Vaccine Opportunity Near You

Text your zip code to 438829 for a list of locations and contacts offering the vaccine near you. For Spanish text 822862 (vacuna) along with your zip code

Agency-Wide Trainings

Coronavirus Getting to the Facts and 3 Steps to Stop the Spread of COVID-19 are both overdue if you have not completed them. Please login to and complete immediately.

You may have finished watching the training, but have you completed it? Hundreds of users/Learners have watched, but not completed the training.

How do know you’ve completed it? You’ve reached and completed the page where you have verified or “attested” to being yourself by clicking the red check box and statement (what to look for: “I attest that I, YOUR NAME, have reviewed the content for 3 Steps to Stop the Spread of Covid-19); have clicked submit, and then reached the final score page from your training. Upon this click exit, you have now entirely completed your training! If you have not done so, please log back into the Relias and complete this section, your training is marked as incomplete until this section has been completed.