25 Years Ago The Americans With Disabilities Act Came into Law


Twenty-five years ago, the Americans With Disabilities Act was signed, allowing people with disabilities to live a normalized life. 

Hi All,

Twenty-five years ago this week, the United States signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The act was the landmark legislation not just for the people that KenCrest serves but for anyone in America who experiences a disability.

For the people we serve, though, it allowed us to keep our promise of “Bringing Ability to Life” in a more genuine and fulfilling way. Now, communication, transportation, and accommodations have created the opportunity to experience and participate in the community the same way that people who don’t have disabilities do.

Since we all experience some disability in our ability to negotiate our lives, the ADA allows us to create a world that makes accessibility and participation just a little bit easier for everyone to lead a self-determined life.

So, this week, give some notice to the curb cuts, ramps, kneeling buses, handicapped entrances, motorized carts in supermarkets, 3-D printable prostheses and more that allow people with disabilities to live a normalized life.

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