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KenCrest Adult Community Living

KenCrest offers adult community living home options and supports in PA (Berks, Bucks, Chester, Montgomery and Philadelphia County), Delaware (New Castle, Sussex and Kent County) and Connecticut (Fairfield County). All of our homes lead the industry in support services and quality, meeting all state licensing requirements, and are located in a variety of safe, centrally located neighborhoods for the most ideal access to the community.

An Independent Living Decision

Adult Independent  Living Options PA

Living in the community, in one of KenCrest’s adult community living homes, is not a placement but a choice made by each resident based on their individual set of preferences, personalities, goals and needs. KenCrest, in partnership with all team members, such as the supports coordinator as well as family members, is available to assist each individual in making their decision to live in an adult community living home.

Various Locations

KenCrest has many areas with established options for adult community living and is continually, thoughtfully adding to those choices with locations in the suburbs, city and rural areas. Kencrest’s adult community living homes can be single family homes, townhouses or apartments, they are KenCrest owned or leased properties.

Healthy, Safe and Hazard Free

A primary focus of KenCrest is ensuring each adult community living home is safe, clean and hazard free. All KenCrest homes are licensed and fully comply with, and in most cases exceed the requirements set forth by State guidelines.

All KenCrest community living homes are located in safe communities, fully accessible and equipped with proper lighting, etc.

Comprehensive Home Support Services

The services provided in each adult community living home are as varied as the individuals residing in them. An array of services, and supports within the homes are offered or provided based on the needs of each individual residing at each location. Available supports at each home include but are not limited to:

  • Transportation (for appointments, social activities, work or volunteer needs)
  • Coordination services (social outings, work, volunteering, shopping, medical/dental appointments, pharmacy)
  • Daily living support services (cooking, self-care, home care, gardening)
  • Budget/Coordination of financial needs
  • 24/7 supervision (varies)
  • Nursing support (on call)
  • Emergency and regular behavioral supports (per BSP/ISP)

Person-Centered Planning and the Meaningful Life Program

Each individual who has an Individual Support Plan (ISP), Individual Education Plan (IEP), Individual Habilitation Plan (IHP) or Individual Program Plan (IPP) will have a plan that is an example of a person centered plan.

Person centered plans focus on each person, their individuality, interests, goals, and what they do well rather than focusing on their needs alone. Person centered plans:

  • Create a vision for each person’s future
  • Focus on what’s important to each person, goals and dreams and how to communicate that
  • Give freedom to decide and to change your decision
  • Let and individual decide how their life looks
  • Encourage a person to try new things, acquire new skills
  • Allow a choice in who provides support and how that support looks
  • Let individuals decide with whom they live and share their life with
  • Defines how a person is treated/related to

At KenCrest we not only support person-centered planning but make it a priority through our own, in-house program Meaningful Life. This program seeks to identify and develop programming that increases an individual’s quality of life based on their unique desires, preferences and goals.

Team Approach to Excellence

A team approach to delivering services at KenCrest is designed to ensure the smoothest, safest operation of each adult community living residence and to, in the best way possible, support each individual in the pursuit of their everyday life.

Each community living support team consists of a multidisciplinary team designed to optimally support the needs of not only the residents, but the employees as well. Our staffing structure is designed to promote the most ideal accountability, mentorship and leadership within the team that can be achieved!

Cost, Availability & Enrollment

All costs for room, board, etc. as well as funding sources will be identified during the intake process. KenCrest will be part of a team working through the various financial aspects of the adult community living home arrangement.

Service providers as well families can directly contact KenCrest to begin the intake process in the State of Pennsylvania at In Delaware interested parties should contact In Connecticut, parties should contact


KenCrest’s Meaningful Life

KenCrest’s Meaningful Life initiative supports the guidelines offered in the Everyday Lives: Values in Action guide and principles provided in Charting the LifeCourse Framework.

Contact Information

Adult Residential Supports

In the state of Pa please contact us at or 610-825-9360.

In the state of CT please contact us at or 203-338-8585.

In the state of DE please contact us at or 302-734-3800.

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