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KenCrest’s Superhero Staff Event

Last Thursday was the Staff Appreciation Event. I know it wasn’t practical for all of you to attend, but I hope that you know that your work makes a difference, and you are appreciated.   This year’s theme was heroes. I want to share with you an exert from the keynote address as well as share with you a bit about the winners of our special awards.

What’s all this talk about heroes? We could think about lots of heroes that we know, the ones in life and the fictional characters in the movies. 

Every hero has the same experience..

If you think about the experience of heroes…..some cause compels you to look at the world differently.  If you look at the fictional hero..Batman/Wonder Woman, those characters saw that  the community needed help. If you study real life heroes, like Rosa Parks, she saw the community to promote equal rights. Click here to read more about Rosa’s life.

No doubt there is something in the hero…some quality or life experience which compelled that person to answer the call.  In the case of Batman, his family had been murdered. In the case of Rosa Parks, her grandfather had been assaulted by the Klu Klux Klan. 

So then what do heroes do in response? ….

Heroes prepare..

The fictional ones like Batman..pumps some iron to stay in shape, puts on his cape, hides his face under a mask  and jumps in a flashy car.Real life heros like Rosa Parks train.  Rosa went to the Highlander Folk School in TN, a program to train people, Black and White,  to support worker rights and racial equality

And then what happens?

Heros listen for the opportunity to act. …they look for the ways that they can make a difference..sometimes they collaborate with other heros, sometimes they are the person willing to take a chance, go first, take on work that some think..can’t be done or that needs unusually power, flexibility, ingenunity

So in fiction we see  Batman..he looked for the light in the sky calling to him and he arrives to see what needs to be done. He had Robin to support him.

The decision to protest discrimination by riding the bus was not hers alone.  Rosa Parks planned with others, she collaborated with Edgar Nixon and Martin Luther King.  Her action on that bus was planned and she took great risk in her decision. 

And then they do it..they make something happen

Batman defeated the bad guys, the Joker, the Penguin….

Rosa,  on  December 1 , 1955,  got on the Cleveland Ave Bus and  refused to give up her seat.

Some heros get to do something they repeat the process. And in some case, the story is repeated, causes others to act.

So what about KenCrest and what am I asking from you?

Unlike the mayor of Gotham, I do not have a spotlight to flash the Batman image on the sky. But nonetheless, I need to call on you.  I ask that you continue to look for the ways to be our heros always.I ask that you dial into the messages we send, look for those calls for help, answer the call.

If your email address is not working, ask for help to get it working. You just need a password.  We will be asking you to participate in agency wide strategic planning. 
To reach 2000 employees, we will depend on technology.

Read the blog which comes out each week. Talk about it. Take the surveys.

I want you to think differently about the word PRIDE. How does that relate to heros at KenCrest?

P… Positive approaches matters to our work  with our clients and with our coworkers

R..Reaching higher. We   look for new ways of working, we look for them, we create them, we set higher standards.

I..Inclusion is our platform for success in the office and with our clients. We respect each other, value being together and appreciate individual differences and  gifts.. Inclusion rules here.

D…Digging  deeper. We are willing to take on challenges,  solve problems, other turn away , we think that brings out the best in us

E..Exemplary leaders.. everyday heros is who we are….

So who won the major awards?

IMG_4328The Marilyn Seibott award was won by Miguady Acosta, a teacher at our Kensington Center. Her story is a wonderful example of reaching higher and exemplary leadership.



IMG_4338The Bringing Ability to Life award was won by Gary Clofine. His story is a great example of inclusion rules.




IMG_4353The Sister Grace Award was won by Dan Thrash. His story exemplifies digging deeper and reaching higher.

To read about each award winner, click here.

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