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How Far Will You Go?

I commuted my first year of college. I took the Route 3/West Chester Pike bus to 69th Street Terminal to the “El”/Market Frankfort line. I took the “El” to the Broad Street express. I changed trains underground to the Broad Street local. From start to finish, my trek from Newtown Square to the Temple University Campus was about 90 minutes. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I couldn’t afford a car and I didn’t have the money to live on campus, but my goal was just to go to college. (BTW- I did not have a car for about ten more years) .

I was enchanted by the story of someone we support who made an even more amazing trip. He went from Pottstown to Middletown Township. His final destination is about 5 minutes from my home. By car, his trip would’ve taken about 90 minutes (more in traffic).  He did the whole trip with public transportation, his goal: visit the Linvilla Orchard.

We often think about not doing something because it is inconvenient. We wouldn’t ask someone else to do it either because we perceive it to be too difficult.  But it would be better if we let other people decide for themselves what is or is not doable. And sometimes, we should help make it happen.

Read Louis’ story on his trip to the fruit farm (Linvilla) and enjoy

From Rosyln, (a KenCrest employee of the Securet Trust, who works with Louis):

Well, as Lucy would say when she was married to Ricky( I love Lucy show), “well, lemme esplain,its like this,  I had a SPERIENCE!”  It was a good one though. 

I got lost getting to the field once I got off the bus but the farmers found me and helped me out getting where I needed to go.

The peaches were few and far between on the trees as the late frost hit their crop flowers but I still got a huge box full.   The kids were told by Mom n Dad to only get the riper/softer ones so if they picked a hard one they would drop it. The trees were almost empty so I picked my peaches off the ground.  I found nice bunch right quick. I got like 8 total that were very soft and ripe. The rest were of good color but hard. Once they sit out for few days from refrigeration they will be ready.

The eggplants were excellent- they had traditional purple ones as well as longer ones and white eggplants and then darker purple softball shaped ones. I prefer eggplants that are more like Dolly Parton than Wilma Flintstone in size but I got enough for now.

The hot peppers were just starting to turn orange and brown. They had a traditional chili as well as cayenne and they had a cherry type( sort of a short nosed bell pepper) They had a jalapeno but I had trouble picking them so rather than ruining the plant, I let them go.

The corn is a few weeks off so I compensated with extra peaches and eggplants and had a balance of $15.  …… My phone was blooping me that the battery was 14%. And it was well past 4:30P. SO I will keep the $15.00 I have left for my next trip here.

It might be nice to go the orchard again and have a friend drive so I can get a whole bunch of tomatoes and make some homemade spaghetti sauce.  The deal on them was something like 29.00 for a box full I think…

 As for my travel, I left Pottstown at 8:50 AM and returned home at 9:40 PM. The buses connected better than I expected and were on time and all.  I would not expect any normal person to wanna use 4 Septa routes to and from.  

That’s the story of the  trip.   Must go now…have another appointment to keep.  Louis

Louis, you are extraordinary!
Rosyln, thanks for helping Louis reach his goal.

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