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About the Good Neighbors Time Bank

Through a PA Developmental Disabilities Council (PDDC) grant, KenCrest operates the Good Neighbors Time Bank, representing the Southeastern PA region.

The Good Neighbors Time Bank is an inclusive, community-based initiative developed to support individuals from all walks of life by building social community connections that support independence, self-reliance, and community-based participation opportunities.

What is the KenCrest Time Bank?

The KenCrest Good Neighbors Time Bank is a non-monetary economy where members earn units or “time bank dollars” by providing goods or services. Members can spend their time bank dollars to receive goods or services from other members in the time bank.

How Do You Measure Time Bank Dollars?

One hour of service equals one time bank dollar. Most services equate to one time bank dollar for one hour of service. Some services may require longer time to complete, thus earning the member more than one time bank dollar. The duration of an exchange varies, depending on the needs and desires of those involved. A quick ride to the bank could take 30 minutes or ½ time dollar. Weeding a large garden could take three hours and would equal three time bank dollars.

What Kinds Of Services and Goods are in the Time Bank?

Members offer many services and goods through the time bank, and updates appear on the website daily. Some of the services may include: sewing, cooking, weeding, planting, mulching, painting, grass cutting, kid sitting, yoga instruction, personal training, rides, pet care, and so on.  Goods can be varied as well, from a cord of wood, garden perennial plants, or a litter of kittens!

How Do I Know What I Can Offer?

It’s easy! What do you like to do? What are your talents? No matter what your gift, you can find another time bank member to exchange their time bank dollars for your talents. Do you like to paint? Garden? Maybe you are a great checkers player? Maybe you are great at listening? Sign up! There is a need for what you do!

The Good Neighbors Time Bank hopes to reach 400 members in its first three years, with an additional KenCrest goal of having over 80 of those members with an intellectual disability. We aim to create an enhanced community connection for all members.

Can I Test Out a Business Idea Through the Good Neighbors Time Bank?

We absolutely encourage people to try their business ideas through the Good Neighbors Time Bank! For example, if someone is considering opening a dog walking business, but he/she has never tried out the idea to see if it would be a good fit, the Time Bank would be a great way to offer that service and see how it goes. KenCrest would love to see individuals create their own career opportunities by testing them through the Time Bank! If you’re passionate about something that you think could be a career, join the Good Neighbors Time Bank and begin offering your service…we’re ready to support you!


We welcome new members, and interested parties should contact Allison Smale for additional information or visit Good Neighbors Time Bank to get started today!

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