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Please complete the form at the right and your request will be responded to within 24 hours. For more expedient service, contact us via phone, at our Corporate headquarters 610-825-9360

To Make a Report or File a Concern ~

At KenCrest, it is our intention to conduct business according to the highest ethical standards and in a manner that does not in any way damage our reputation as a responsible, caring and committed non-profit human service agency.

We encourage those who may have a concern or a claim of misconduct to report them in a timely manner either via phone or online through the secured portal (contact details below), set up specifically for this purpose, as it is KenCrest's agency policy to document and investigate any and all concerns or claims of misconduct.

We acknowledge that when reporting a claim, there may be the desire to do so with anonymity. Therefore, we have selected EthicsPoint to provide an anonymous, confidential way to collect and inform KenCrest of filed concerns and reports of misconduct.

The information you provide by phone (the compliance hotline managed by NAVEX Global) or via the website (compliance website managed by will be sent to a designated representative within KenCrest, with your identity unrevealed, if you choose to remain anonymous.

Your concerns and allegations of misconduct will be heard and thoroughly investigated.

You may use either of the following two methods to submit a report: 

1. Call 1-888-242-4928 (toll free in US and Canada) or

2. Go to Ethics Point

We appreciate your support in keeping KenCrest an ethical company from top to bottom.





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