I Want To Start a Movement: Now Is the Time to Speak Up


This Election Day, make a difference by speaking up and advocating for those who can’t themselves through voting, education and more.

By Marian Baldini
KenCrest President & CEO 

First, let me say thank you to all of you who voted. While the data is not complete, it looks like we may have had some record turnouts on Election Day despite the rain! With many newly elected officials heading into the office for the first time in January, now is the time to speak up, be heard, and advocate.

We have an opportunity to build rapport and help educate a new group of elected officials who aren’t familiar with us or the needs of the various communities we serve. Although we’re connecting with new people, our challenge is still the same— to create bi-partisan initiatives to support the development of our communities, and we are the voices and the teachers.

As industry leaders, you can count on us to speak up about early intervention services, early childhood learning, and services for people with intellectual disabilities; and you can count on us to call attention to the needs of the people we support, their families, and friends. We will also continue to advocate for the recognition of our staff, their care, and their compensation.

But can we count on you to speak up too? We would like to know—are you comfortable visiting and meeting with elected officials? With sharing your story and the stories of those who cannot speak for themselves? If you are, please take five minutes to complete our advocacy survey here.

To become an advocate for our community, I want to start a movement—speak up now.

For current employees of KenCrest, please fill out this advocacy survey.

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