I Want to Start a Movement…Joy is Created

In our new Annual Report, we told a few joyful stories. Here are some clips:

Lashana has a place to call her own.  She had the skills and the determination to move out of her community living home alongside our joyous staff that helped her gain those skills.

Rashida fell in love. She married her high school sweetheart. Rashida and her husband met in school, found jobs and their romance bloomed.   To the joy of their family and friends, they tied the knot!

Clayton gave up marathon video game sessions for a great job.  He participated in Project Search at Phoenixville Hospital.  To the joy of his family, he is working full time at second shift at Xanitos, a management company that provides hospital housekeeping, patient transport, and central laundry services to hospitals nationwide.

Andy and Bobby joined forces.  Bobby wanted to retire from his work as a direct care staff.  Andy lived in a community living home and wanted more independence. To the joy of his residential staff, Andy decided to pursue life sharing with Bobby.

This is a season of expectations, and one of those expectations is joy. It’s often imagined, but it is not magical, it’s created.  Joy is created. It is the result of exploring possibilities, mobilizing resources so that dreams come true.

The only thing which keeps us from creating joy is our beliefs.   What joy will you create in 2018?

To view our Annual Report, click here.