I Want to Start a Movement: You Can Change the World

I am going to assume that you are thinking that just one person cannot change the world.  It’s a big place, right? It has too many problems for one person to fix. It needs more money than we can afford.  I need you to think differently.

Consider this one person: Marisela Carmona.

Marisela’s daughter attended one of our Early Learning Centers in South Philadelphia.  From the moment her daughter began school, Marisela enthusiastically and willingly volunteered to help.  She served on the Parents Committee, helping other families benefit from the staff and resources. She has her own outreach into the neighborhood, and has introduced other families to the center. Staff members know she is the parent to contact to motivate and organize other parents in the classrooms. For the last two years, she organized all 160 families to prepare and present a Teacher Appreciation Day.

Her daughter has since grown up and moved on from the center, but Marisela still is a team player. Every day she comes and greets our families and supports parents to get involved as a volunteer.

Marisela is a woman with a mission, and a role model. She is someone’s mom who decided to change the world around her, starting in her neighborhood. She is one of our Community Champions Award winners this year.

She did not set out to change the world. She set out to be engaged and to do her part.

We all need to consider how we are called to change the world. What gifts have we been given? Money doesn’t change the world. Gifts like kind hearts and sincere concern for others can change the world.

At KenCrest, we have our mission.  It starts with our belief that we are here to develop community. Thank you, Marisela.