I Want to Start a Movement: The Glass is Really Mostly Full

The golf course is a dangerous place.  Some shots go wildly in the wrong direction and at high speed.  There is a great practice of yelling “FORE” when you hit a bad shot.  The problem is that you cannot tell where golfers are shooting from when they yell. One day on the golf course, Frank, our Chief Development Officer, heard “FORE” and then a second later, a ball fell hard in front of his feet.  Following close behind was the apologetic golfer.

With every new greeting comes an opportunity.  Frank learned that the golfer has a connection to KenCrest.  He is the dad of a young man who was born premature. The dad told the story of how his wife was moved to intensive care, and his son was airlifted to CHOP.  The doctor told the father that he did not need to name his son because he would not make it through his first day of life. Both mom and baby recovered.  Our early intervention staff was there for the parents when they were grappling with the needs of their very fragile newborn.  A few years after that, we were with them again when their son, now five years old, fell and broke his leg.  Our staff told the hospital staff about this boy’s remarkable journey since birth and the remarkable parent support he received in his early years.  He is now a young man, working, and making his way in the world. His parents remember our support many years later.

Some people say life is like a card game, you never know what you will be dealt. We really don’t get to choose. We need to play with the cards we get.  The best life we can hope for is one which has purpose, one where we are happy. Good health may elude us.  Problem-free lives are pretty unusual.  Most of us can tell a story of how at some point of conflict or crisis, someone was there to remind us we would get through the challenge and we could thrive.

You can hear how proud this dad is of his son’s achievement. You can hear how his family and colleagues surround him with support and include them in everyday life.

I am thankful to have met this dad; thankful for the work his son does every day, and thankful for the KenCrest staff who went the extra mile.  The glass is not halfway, but almost full.