I Want to Start a Movement: Tell the WHY Story

At our Community Champions event, one of our donors, Kathleen Bohrer, visited the Job Fair. Inspired by the stories told that day, she decided to volunteer for us.

As a recently retired nurse, mother of three, and a grandmother of three, she knows all about caring. Barbara Ballard, who handles our volunteers, connected her to our Yellow Springs supportive employment program, which is our closest location to her home. There, she met staff and participants, read books and learned about what the interests of the people we support were. She brainstormed about what she might do as a regular volunteer. She made a date to come back.

Within the week following her visit, she asked her daughter for advice about books to meet the interest of the people she met. She visited the horticulture center at Bryn Mawr Rehab to get ideas about projects she might plan with plants and flower pots. She has her eye on affordable, fun, and accessible projects that can be meaningful. Her daughter brought her some inspiring reading material and then she has already hit the dollar store for materials. Her comment to me: “KenCrest, here I come.”

A recent poll of people in the US indicated that 63% of Americans do some volunteer service. If you look into the details of these volunteers, you would learn that many do more than one form of voluntary service. Some people serve in multiple ways. That is certainly true about Kathleen. Why does someone volunteer? Maybe we get just as much or more than we give, and maybe the caring brings out the best in us.

Kathleen is living her ‘why’, and it is the same as ours. She is exploring possibilities, and mobilizing resources to empower the dream of meaningful lives.

As with all the Community Champions, recognition is far from important. But nonetheless, we need to tell the story. This week, I offer thanks to Kathleen and all the community champions who live their WHY.

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