I Want to Start a Movement: Small Things Matter

Years ago, my mother worked for VISTA; she visited seniors with disabilities at home or in some kind of caring facility. My mom is one of those people we describe as having a sunny disposition. She has a ready smile and a kind word about almost everyone. She said she wished that more people would smile. Smiles, she says, are important, and they are free. Smiles are small, big deals.

There are lots of small, big deals in life. This month, we celebrated the good work of our neighbors. These neighbors did not cure a disease, end poverty, or solve the budget crisis. Nonetheless, they changed our world. Few people will, in the course of their lives, do these ‘big’ achievements. Life is primarily made up of many small kindnesses, and small gifts of the spirit.

You will not be on the cover of Time Magazine. However, you are here and we see you! We are proud to publish your story. To meet our neighbors, click here. Thanks neighbor!