I Want to Start a Movement: Old Questions, New Answers

We identified three underlying commitments in our strategic plan.  The first theme is social responsibility.   We help everyone develop the abilities, evaluate possibilities, and pursue their dreams.  It is our responsibility to help each person achieve.   The second theme is economic accountability.  We mobilize resources and use them wisely.  When we keep costs down and quality up, we do our part to make support available to those on waiting lists.    The third commitment is innovation.  Identifying and creating new approaches shows our commitment to be accountable to the people who rely on us, and those who financially support us.    These themes fit together in many different ways.  They help us create new answers to old questions.

It shouldn’t be that hard to consider that we can have new answers for old questions. Let’s look back at our history. One-hundred and twelve years ago, if you asked why KenCrest was created, the answer was to help people suffering with tuberculosis.  That support was needed because the answer to the question, “Can tuberculosis be cured?” was “No”.  When the answer changed to “Yes”, we changed our purpose.

How do we live the commitments?   I will tell you about what we are doing over the next few blog posts.   Let’s start with AVAIL.

AVAIL is the brain child of Lisa Marie Clinton.   It is an assistive technology with many features and runs on a smart device.  This technology helps learners take charge of their own independence, and the support is mobile because individuals can carry the device in a comfortable small bag.

A facilitator creates a unique library of tasks that meets the learner’s personal goals and plan.  The app is innovative because it uses video of the individual using it achieving their goals, guided by their own voice or the voice of a loved one to cue them. Tasks can be created on the fly- making for endless learning opportunities.   Whether  mastering  how to make themselves a sandwich, independently navigating public transportation, or just letting people know which routines make them happiest,  AVAIL  opens the gates to a more meaningful and independent life.

The philosophy behind the technology is social responsibility: each person will do whatever he or she can do independently.  The technology supports economic accountability: when someone is independent, care and support can be reallocated to someone who is waiting. This app is an innovative way to use smart devices to provide virtual assistance and will turn many he/she can’t to Yes, he/she can!

We are very excited to be the first provider in the US to pilot this innovation which was developed by Lisa Marie in Ireland.

Follow any one of these links to learn more about AVAIL.  Email me to hear more about our pilot.