I Want to Start a Movement: Networking for Work, for Life

My son decided he wanted to enter the food industry when he was 15. By age 16 he selected the Culinary Institute of America as his target school. That college requires all applicants to have worked in the food services business. While talking about it with some colleagues, I learned that one of them had a niece who was a chef, and she agreed to speak to my son. We drove to Reading, PA to meet with her, and then she referred my son to a chef in Philadelphia who hired him before the interview. That chef did it because that is how he got his first break. Years later, my son is in food-service management.

He did not have a job developer. He had a mom who could network. If you ask the people in your life how they found a job, in many of the stories you gather, you will learn that networking is a factor.

Look back at the blog from last week, I asked us all to inspire to a colorful life. A colorful life includes networking. Networking is a part of community life.

Think about it. What do we do when we need help, for instance, with basic things around the house?  We network.  We ask family, neighbors and friends. They give us suggestions, and their suggestions help us to decide what to do. They lead us to help.

If you ask someone, if they have a suggestion, they might say no. Move on and ask another person.

There is a great old fashioned expression, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

This past week, I attended an event for the Beacon Organization; their tagline is ‘Networking for Life’.Their goal is working leads for new businesses’.

Let’s network for work

Let’s tap our networks to locate opportunities for the people who matter in our lives.