I Want to Start a Movement: If seeing is Believing… Believe!

A couple of years ago, I took a management class. The professor said he was going to “unpack” something he had just said. My thoughts went to suitcases or boxes. Very quickly, I realized that ‘unpacking’ is the new cool expression for explaining something. I am going to tell a story this week. Next week, I will “unpack it.”

It is a new KenCrest tradition to honor special friends, businesses, and groups in our communities that help the people we support. We call these people “Community Champions”. We have a lunch in March to tell their stories. Here is one of them.

Pat is one of the individuals we support. She was in a day program for people with disabilities, but it was not the right fit for her. She didn’t feel challenged, and said it was boring. Our staff explained what other options existed for her during that time frame . They helped her find a volunteer position three days a week at a senior center which distributed Meals on Wheels. Pat loved it, and the opportunity just kept expanding. Now, Pat volunteers five days a week.  There is even more that makes this story so special. Pat has a regular work partner, and they have become fast friends. Originally, Pat had needed a ride to and from where she worked, and it was costing her $8 a day to take paratransit. Now, her friend picks her up and brings her home. She shares some of her free time helping her friend, and a few of the other volunteers.

This story is rooted in our mission. Pat’s dream did not require money. Next week, I will, as they say “unpack it”. What can we learn from this success story?