I Want to Start a Movement: Find Joy in Demolition

A few years ago, we replaced the tiny TV in the den with something bigger. I then decided to move the tiny TV to the sewing room. I don’t actually see much of the screen, but it keeps me company when I sew.  My favorite show is the one where all of the couples are very nice, recycle materials, they have fun, and family matters – Fixer Upper.   Each family has hope; they want to start something new for their family, but it was only a week ago when I realized why I was so fond of it.

When I was twelve, our family became homeless due to a house fire.  While all our family was safe, the house and all of our belongings were gone. We went to live in the converted attic of my grandmothers’ home while my parents saved and regrouped. My dad eventually bought a fixer upper, and we had great hopes for this new home.

If you follow the show, you know the “Dad” loves demolition day. When we bought the home, my father delegated demolition of the walls of our new living room to me and my siblings.  At this point, there were 6 kids and 5 of us could hold a hammer.   A bunch of kids given permission to put holes in a wall – imagine that! Nothing was as much fun as taking those walls down.

In our work at KenCrest, sometimes we need to take something apart so that we can build something new.  That work is often very challenging.  We may have had some hand in creating a process or program, and we certainly had some role in keeping it that way, but innovations do come along. Sometimes, if we are honest, it never worked quite as well as we had initially hoped.

Every Fixer Upper episode ends with a beautiful new home, one which meets the needs of the new owners, something more functional and more beautiful.

So, let’s try to approach change with the same delight as Chip Gaines on Fixer Upper or the Baldini Kids on demo-day. Let’s try to have fun and let the hope begin.