I Want to Start a Movement: Everyone Matters

One of the first things my son learned in kindergarten was that some kids are different. Sometimes, people would not play with them. He invited several of those kids home; he was determined to not leave them out.

What would happen if we looked around our work places? Would we find that there are people like those kids, the ones who no one sees? Are there people that we have decided, without any real cause, are just not worth including? What if we found a way to include everyone? Who knows your work better than you do? What might we learn and what opportunities are missing to understand the world more clearly?

In the year ahead, I would like to make sure that everyone is heard, and that everyone is included in some way in the advancement of our work. Here at KenCrest in September, we will launch the “My WHY” interview. We will provide every employee the opportunity to meet with a manager, explain why they love the work they do, and what we can do better to support it. I am very excited with the possibilities this will bring to the surface for us to explore.

In advance, thank you for your feedback. You are offering a wonderful gift.