I Want to Start a Movement:  Engage the Spirit

This week is the first full week back after the holiday season.  The news on the radio is already broadcasting how many of us have given up on our New Year’s resolutions. This week at our Headquarters, we held a Spirit Week. Just what did we do, and why did we do it?

What day What action Why
Monday Wear your company colors: t-shirts, hats, the color blue This is our team, We are proud and energized to be a member
Tuesday Mix and match day: Wear things that don’t match…i.e. two different plaids, two different shoes…both We need to be reminded to get out of our comfort zones. It brings new energy and new excitement to the work place an reminds us about new possibilities
Wednesday Compliments for Credits: Give out compliments to your co-workers.  How are your co-workers living the values we hold dear?


On Friday, show those compliments and get tickets for a raffle prize…one ticket for the giver, one for the receiver.


While some of us are promising to do something better this year, there is already something really good about each of us now. Compliments are free, who doesn’t like to be seen and valued for what they contribute.  Complimenting someone is as important as being complemented!
Thursday Fly your own colors day: Wear something that symbolizes you…your favorite sports team, a medal you won, your apron….. Each of us is gifted. And that diversity of gifts makes us a better place to work, prepares us for the tough challenges we face. It is good to be reminded that it takes a team to win.
Friday Go team!: Create a plan for your department and show us who you are. Each of our work groups matters to the success of our organization.  We need to see those teams and appreciate them.


On Friday, we will pull the raffle ticket and enjoy some “tree” related treats because our logo is a tree.  When we engage the spirit, there is no limit to what we can do.  As we move forward into 2018, no doubt we will face some tough decisions, and some new and unusual challenges. Here at KenCrest, we will together hold our mission high and face them with confidence.  Go team!