I Want to Start a Movement: Count Your Blessings

Last week we launched the school year, and this week we celebrate the work of our Direct Support Professionals (DSP). We have DSPs with many titles, such as instructor and resident advisor and we have more DSP positions than any other at KenCrest. When I think of our DSPs, I think of blessings. The dictionary says that a blessing is something or someone who is beneficial, something or someone for which we are grateful, something or someone who brings wellbeing. So, let us count our blessings!

Our DSPs:
• Teach people new skills
• Make sure everyone gets healthy meals
• Make sure people get the care of doctors, dentists and therapists
• Find ways for people to volunteer in their communities
• Inspire people to find the right job
• Connect people to places of worship
• Help people develop or practice hobbies like art, and enjoy music and the theater
• Help people shop for clothes, dress for the weather, dress for success
• Offer a smile and encouragement on good and not so good days
• Support families to see the potential which may have been missed earlier in the person’s life
• Help people use technology to be more independent
And the blessings they bring go on and on.
To all our DSP, we are thankful for your dedication. We count you in our blessings. This week is special. Let’s be mindful to celebrate the DSP.