I Want to Start a Movement- Achievement Matters

Well its official, this week we turned 112! You don’t get to this age without a few achievements.

So just as we look back on our lives and reflect on the big events, let’s look back on the organization’s life…

1905 We are “born” in Kensington, caring for people with tuberculosis and their families.

1955 We adopt a new mission, to serve people with intellectual disabilities.

1965 We open our first residence for adults with intellectual disabilities.

1972 All children are granted the right to a free and appropriate public education, and we make the decision to expand our centers to serve children with intellectual disabilities.

1977 Pennsylvania is mandated to close the Pennhurst State School and Hospital and KenCrest expansion of community living homes becomes a priority.

1983 Deinstitutionalization takes hold in DE and KenCrest is the first agency to open a community living home.

1985 KenCrest helps launch Speaking for Ourselves, a self advocacy organization.

1991 KenCrest responds to the need for babies to receive transitional supports from NICUs to home. Our “baby houses” are born.

1992 KenCrest supports the startup of InVision Human Services, a provider of specialized community supports.

2006 Personnel representing the State of Connecticut reach out to KenCrest and as the state moves from providing direct service to contracting with non profit agencies.

2011 Henry Lynch retires and KenCrest assumes the services started by Henry and his family.

We could list many more life achievements. All of these were made possible by our staff, the people we support, the communities who support us. Happy Birthday, KenCrest!

The winner of this year’s Spirit of KenCrest birthday competition is…..

Kensington Early Learning Center….you rock!