I Want to Start a Movement: Civic Engagement

Our freedom of speech was hard to win, and we need to do our part. By speaking up and voting, we make a difference in civic engagement.

At a recent workshop, a takeaway item was that everyone needed to know how a bill becomes a law. It sounds like a no-brainer recommendation, right?

I remember learning this in school—in 1961, I think it was. It would be a stretch to say I could pass a quiz on the details today. But, at the same time, every night on the news, I hear them talking about the America Health Care Act (AHCA). In case it has been a few years for you, too, here are some links where you can find some fun ways to refresh your memory.

Aside from refreshing your education, I also have another motive — asking you to get involved!

Our right to freedom of speech was hard to win, and our right to vote was even harder to attain. We have not all done our part to speak up. As a nation, we are way too quiet when engaging in the dialogues necessary to make our country the best it can be.

About 55.7 percent of the US Voting age population voted in the 2016 presidential election!

There are about 245.5 million Americans eligible to vote. Where were 108.7 million people on Election Day?

How do we compare with other countries?

  • Behind Sweden has 82.6 percent voting.
  • Behind Israel has 76.1 percent voting.
  • Behind Canada has 62.1 percent voting.

We can’t get ahead of anything if we don’t speak up. Learn about how our government works. Learn about the issues. Speak up.

Click on the links below to educate yourself!

How well do you understand how a bill becomes a law? 

If you have kids, you might show this classic…Schoolhouse Rock Version!

PBS’ crash course on how the government works. (Silly moments, but informative and entertaining)