I Want to Start a Movement: Always Reform


KenCrest is intentional about always reforming and looking for new, innovative ways to help the people we support live meaningful lives.

By Marian Baldini
KenCrest President & CEO 

Last year, the Lutheran faith celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation; it reminded us that we need to be “always reforming,” always looking for new ways to see the world, and always pursuing our calling in life.

We are intentional about living out the Reformation through our mission at KenCrest. I’m happy to report on one of our latest’ reforms.’ In 2017, we started working with Lutheran Social Services (LSS) of Minnesota; through this new relationship, we began an innovative approach in health promotion— MTM,  or Medication Therapy Management. Consulting pharmacists offer MTM services to clients and look at their health records to make recommendations for specific tests or changes to their medical plans. Doing this helps reduce side effects and costs and helps improve the client’s health outcomes. One of the latest tests offered is Genomic Testing; physicians and pharmacists can look at your genetic profile and see how your body is processing medications.


We are piloting MTM with a group of people we support; thus far, nine individuals have experienced MTM services with Genomic Testing. After a round of tests, we were very excited to learn that the Genomic results verified why some medications didn’t seem to be working for one of our folks. The testing showed that his body could not metabolize a specific medication, which wouldn’t work. His doctor is now aware and pursuing other options for him. Through this reform, we are using new health approaches and technology. We’re genuinely grateful for LSS of Minnesota and the partners we have made, including Consana Pharmacist and Simply Connect, who are helping us to continue to learn and keep improving.

We are constantly exploring new possibilities and mobilizing resources, and we are living out our mission to help people experience the ‘everyday lives they have dreamed of.

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