I Want to Start a Movement: A Colorful Life for Everyone

Create a meaningful life inventory with KenCrest’s colorful life graphic representation that describes certain areas of your life. 

There are so many things that come to my mind when I hear “colorful life.” This phrase is not often used to reflect a person’s choices or decisions. Actually, to say someone is “colorful” can often be used to trivialize someone. My intention is different because I want to use “colorful” to describe the depth of experiences that bring meaning to life. We at KenCrest are looking seriously at this model. Here is its’ graphic representation and the corresponding colors:

Think about yourself for a few minutes. What would you put in each of the colorful segments describing your life? Think of this as your meaningful life inventory.

So what goes with each color group?
• Community Life (dark blue): Volunteering, going to school, attending church, social clubs
• Eligibility specific (green): Government-funded supports like social security, SNAP, and leaf removal. All of these are paid for by taxes.
• Technology (pink): cell phones, computers, assistive technology, kindles
• Relationships (purple): family, friends, neighbors, club members
• Personal Assets and Strengths (light blue): your work, your skills, your knowledge

Now that you’ve done it, you can fill in a calendar with the colors to show which colors represent a part of your day or week. I recently did this, and my week is a broad mix of colors.

For a person with a disability receiving services, most boxes are green, which means these services are paid for through taxes. Since individuals with disabilities are paying through taxes, it limits our ability to hire more staff to support those on our waiting list. So, we need to discover a solution that helps individuals’ independence without needing to hire more staff members. This solution will reduce the need for financial support. We need to get more creative and colorful, not just green.

Feel free to fill in this week to review your life. Maybe you will see a way in which you, too, can become more colorful. I hope it inspires you to help us bring color to the lives of the people we serve and those who wait.

At KenCrest, we call this colorful life a meaningful life. We are determined to support everyone to explore possibilities and mobilize community resources to make dreams so that this colorful life can come true.